Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Independence Day...

Hello to my readers. I know it has been a while since I've written a post. Point in hand:...I've not been inspired to do so lately.I only post when I'm inspired to do so.

Ttoday, we in the U.S.A., celebrate our independence of freedom. Freedom from the English Crown. Yet, though we won our war against the British, not everyone is as free as we think we are.

We in America, still suffer from deep routed prejudices, that go back many centuries. Though we say we are free,there are still many who are not treated equally.

Freedom compasses more than emancipation from tyranny. Freedom is treating each and every one our citizens with the respect due them.

Like I said, we are not all free. Free to be who we are. But my prayer is that we learn, as  a nation, to treat each other equally. All men are created equal in the site of our creator. Let us learn from Him, and form a society based upon HIS truths.

We've been through much during our 239 history, and will endure much more. But if we work and treat each other equally, we as a nation shall endure. If not, we shall pass the way of ROME of old. No question about it.

In closing, I shall leave with you a song that was sung by country recording artist, Alan Jackson and the national anthem. Listen and be blessed.

9/11 Tribute

National Anthem

Til later,I extend to each of you my LOVE and best wishes.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Welcome back to another edition of 'Simply Alvin'. I hope, where ever you may live, you are having a beautiful day/evening/night.

Many things have gone on in my life since my last posting a week ago. I have had several things going through my mind upon which to write about. But, as fate would have, the memory of April 19, 1995 has taken center stage. For it was on that day, 20 years ago today, Wednesday, April 19, 1995, bent on indignation towards the Government of the United States, Timothy McVeigh parked a Ryder rental truck in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Downtown Oklahoma City, OK. The bomb laden truck exploded at 9:02 that morning, destroying the building and damaging several structures in the downtown area.

One hundred and sixty-eight innocent lives were lost that day, of which 19 were children amongst them.

Wednesday, April 19, 1995, was, and still is considered, 'The darkest day' in the history of Oklahoma City and the State of Oklahoma. It was also, up to that time, the 'worst' act of terrorism on American Soil.

It has been said that time will heal, But, for many of the survivors and loved ones of those lost in this senseless act of cowardice, time has not completely healed the wounds.Not even after 20 years.

It is hard to express in words my sentiments. So, I share with you the following verse, attributed to 'Adalwin'.

Oklahoma City...
"April 19, 1995 - 9:02 AM:
Precious lives were taken that day. An act of cowardice and hate. Bent on indignation, a bomb laden truck blew up that day, ending the lives of 168. Tho the wounds may never completely heal and leave a scar upon the soul, we move on and make a vow, 'WE REMEMBER. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.' For the day such a tragic event is forgotten, is the day that history is destined to be repeated."


Til next time, I extend to you my LOVE and best wishes.


Sunday, April 12, 2015


Welcome back to another edition of 'Simply Alvin'. I pray you all have have had a beautiful day/evening/night, no matter where you live.

This truly has been a beautiful day here in Okeene, USA. The morning started out rather unseasonably warm, plus there was a bit of wind. But, nothing we could not live with. I live in Okeene, which is in Oklahoma. If there is no wind, then we are living in the wrong State (bit of Okie humor).  There is a chance of thunderstorms and rain later tonight. Along with the rain we got Friday night, and into Saturday, it will be a real blessing due to the dry conditions we have been experiencing of late. The forecast calls for a chance of rain most of this week. If it does, that will be awesome.

I can say that I am thankful that the wind died down a bit this afternoon, due to the electric company that supplies power to the town shutting the power off in order to do repairs. If I had not been to the store next door to my home on Friday, it would have more or less caught me unprepared. They had turned the power off for about two hours a couple weeks ago for repairs, but of what I heard, things were not still not the way they should be, so they scheduled the work day for today.  I've never understood why they choose Sunday afternoons to do that type of work. I guess it has to do with limiting impacts on local businesses.

Now to the topic of this entry, Greatness... I am not going to elaborate much on the subject, for the following verse is fairly self-explanatory. But, I will say this, everyone dreams of being great in the eyes of man, due wealth, fame and fortune. Yet, as I have come to understand, those things are of no advantage if a person harbors anger, hate and bitterness within themselves. For as I may have mentioned in a previous entry, Hate, and all that goes with it, is a very destructive force within the society we live today. Yet, love is greater than all the hate in this world. And no matter what may happens, just a small seed of love can be an example to many.

Now to the verse, Greatness...


"We're all called to greatness. No one is better than the next person. In turn, no human is inferior to his/her peers. Our Creator, who makes no mistakes, created us equal in His eyes.  Thus, if you wish to be great, throw the hate, bitterness, bigotry, inferiority, all the negatives, out of your life. Then, when the negatives are gone, replace them with positives, i.e.:  friendship, love, kindness, compassion, acceptance...Love one another & you shall find love." Adalwin

Til next time, I extend to each of you my LOVE and best wishes.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Adalwin, Noble Friend...

Welcome back to another edition of 'Simply Alvin'. I hope each of you are having a wonderful day/evening/night.

Dim Lit Room...

 "The light of day has finally appeared, along with clouds in the sky. The clouds may bring needed rain, which would be a blessing in disguise. Yet I, in my humble abode, have only a dim light a burning. No, if you ask, I am not depressed. I just need, for a while longer, the solace and comfort a dim lit room affords me. Then I shall begin my work for the day." Adalwin

At  the time I am writing this entry, it is no longer morning. In fact, it happens to be early evening here in Okeene, USA. But, I decided to begin this entry with a short quote/verse that I wrote early this morning. As you may have noticed, the author's name is 'Adalwin, which in all actuality is, my pen name. So, if you see by the title, that is the discussion of this entry, my pen name.

Some may wonder why I have decided to use a pen name for the poetry/verse/quotes I write. Well, it is quite simple. Since I post a lot of my verse on social media, i.e.: Facebook, Twitter, I decided it would be best to give myself a pen name as a way of giving myself a different identity. As a way for me to keep my identity, as the author, more or less anonymous to those I have not revealed it to. But, with the publishing of this entry, I imagine people will come to realize who 'Adalwin' actually is, especially those who read this blog.

In all fairness, I have been considering a pen name for my compositions for some time, but was unable to decide up one that was appropriate for me. That is until this last weekend while sitting at the computer. The thought came back to my mind and I started typing things into the search query. One of the things I searched for was my name in Deutsch (German). What I found out was that Alvin is not German. For as I searched further, it was discovered it was an English(ised) variant of an Old Germanic name, Adalwin. Now, Adalwin was not the only name listed, for Wikipedia listed approximately 6 other variants. But, I chose Adalwin, because it is easier to remember (since it is close to my real name), and pronounce, for pronunciation in German can be quite difficult. Plus, I will admit, I do not know much German, except for a few common greetings or names of foods. But, at least that is a plus on my part.

The meaning of a person's name has a lot to do with who they are. If you look in the Bible, you see that the meaning of many person's names were referenced in their story as a way to of describing what kind of person they were. For instance, Yeshua (Jesus), in Hebrew means "to rescue" or "to deliver"  And, I admit, it is so sad that so many people really do not know the meaning of their name. Especially in the English language, where most parents give their child a name (possibly after an ancestor, as did the Jews), without thought of its meaning. For the most part, names without meaning is so prevalent in English speaking cultures.

But that used to not be the case in other cultures. Take for instance the pen name I have chosen. As I stated, 'Adalwin ' comes from the Old Germanic which means,Noble Friend (Adal = noble - vin = friend). Thus, for that reason, I feel like I chose the appropriate pen name for myself. For I try to be a noble/honorable person, and, a friend to anyone. Being yourself, being noble/honorable and being a friend, are very important attributes everyone should live by, no matter what their name is.

In closing, I now would like share another quote attributed to Adalwin...

It Just Don't Matter...

"I'm just me, and what some people think of me, really does not matter. Especially the detractors. What my true friends say and see of me, is not what the haters see. For, the haters do not see, the picture of who I really am. And what the haters think, really don't matter." Adalwin

Til later, everyone have a good day/evening/ night. And as always, I extend to you my LOVE and best wishes.

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Happy Place...

(I had intended to Publish this entry on 4/4/15, but got sidetracked and was delayed, which I found out while realized after publishing my Easter entry. Sorry for the delay.)

Welcome back to another edition of 'Simply Alvin'. I hope each of you are having a beautiful day/evening/night.

Lately, I have been posting things that are kind of gloomy. And, if you have read my previous entries, you are aware that it is due to the passing of a dear loved one, my Uncle A.  But in this posting, I am going to attempt to be more on the positive side. Yes, the service for my uncle is not until Monday afternoon, but in order to keep myself from the hum-drum during this time of grief, it is good to think of happy things. On the top of this list is that my uncle is no longer suffering. He has entered his 'happy place', safe in the arms of our Creator, of which we all should strive.

But, in the cycle of everyday life, we all go through times and circumstances that bring as at the brink of wishing everything would just end. We are tired of all the hate, violence, depression, sickness, death, 'overkill' of work duties. The list could go on and on. But I have found, that during some of those most troublesome times, it is good to have a 'happy place' to go to. So now I shall endeavor to list of my favorite places.

At work:  Now it is hard to find a happy place at a person's place of employment, especially with all the demands that are placed upon laborers these days. But such a place can be found if we look for it. For instance, the custodial staff has been working shorthanded for close to a month at my place of employment. Just prior to the staff shortfall, due to illness, I found that just going to the back corner of my custodial room, or to my vehicle during a break, has helped me to avoid melt-down. But of late, it has been hard for me to take the quiet time without interruption. For it seems that no sooner than I sit down, I either get a call about something that requires my attention or my supervisor, the building principal or supt. calls concerning some matter. So with all the interruptions, you may think I avoid my happy place. Not at all. For if I do not take that time, no matter how short, I find myself in the state of melt-down. And, being an introvert, that is not a good thing.
Another thing about at work. I have found that when I am able do most of my duties alone, without anyone else around me at the time, helps me to avoid melt-down. Granted, me working in a high school,  it is hard to find those times, but they do happen occasionally. And in all fairness, there are times when a person needs assistance with certain tasks, and when that becomes necessary, I seek a co-worker upon whom I can rely for help in order to finish the task in least amount of time as can be had.

At home:  My abode is one of my favorite places to be. Unless I need to take care of a few things after work or during lunch time, I endeavor to get to my abode as soon as I possibly can. For I have found, after I realized that I am an introvert, that my home is a wonderful happy place to be. Be it in my recliner relaxing, in the kitchen preparing myself a meal (no matter how simple), reading a good book, in my bedroom, or just taking a shower, my home is a good place for me to just recharge, either after a busy work day or having to deal with other situations. And since I like to get online in the evening (or during the day on days off), just having that short time of quiet is a very beneficial part of my day. It not only allows me time to recharge, but gives me time to contemplate over my day and to sort out what I need to keep in my memory bank or to discard.

In the outdoors:  Whether it be working in my flower bed, mowing the lawn, taking a walk, or just sitting in a chair on a beautiful day or evening, all are very inviting. Granted, there are times when I try to avoid the outdoors as much as possible, especially when it is very windy or humid, or the allergy count is in the high category. But, it is very beneficial to my well-being to spend as much time outdoors as I can. For if I can spend just even a short while outdoors, it helps me to connect with our Creator, through the nature He created. Plus, living in a rural community as I do, that connection is easier to experience. Sometimes I still wish I lived out on the farm, but I have adapted to the setting I am in.

With friends: Now some may wonder why an introvert would want to be around people, especially after being around them at work all day. How can friends be a 'happy place'? The answer is simple. We all need friends! We need people who know about us, and are not afraid to be around us. People whom we can confide in. I am not talking about being in a crowd of people, for I've been there, done that, and started getting uncomfortable after an hour or so. I like to get out and socialize once in a while, for a short while. But, I have to make sure I've had plenty of time in my 'happy place' before going out for an extended period of time. So, I prefer to be with one friend (or maybe a few), versus a crowd of people. I like the one-on-one time I spend with one or a few, which is hard to do in a crowd. But no matter the setting, I still need my happy place recharge, before and after.

Now, the above is just a few examples of my 'happy places'. Like I said before, we all need them. We all need that time to just be alone and contemplate. Whatever or where ever your 'happy place is, take a bit of time each day to visit it. You will not regret it.

Til next time, have a wonderful day/evening/night. And, as always, I extend to each of you my LOVE and best wishes.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

No Partiality...

Welcome back to another edition of 'Simply Alvin'. I hope each of you are having a beautiful day/evening/night. In fact, it being Easter, I wish all of you a Happy Resurrection Day!

Speaking of Easter, the day we celebrate the resurrection of our LORD from the dead, I attended a beautiful Easter Sunrise Service in Isabella this morning. Being held outdoors, the air was cool and crisp, with a bit of wind. N, the pastor, played his guitar and someone else played a drum, while we all joined in singing some beautiful praises song. My favorite amongst them was, Because He Lives by The Gaither Vocal Band .

Besides all the singing, along with the Responsorial Reading, my favorite part was when N gave a short sermon, based on Acts 10: 34-43. The reading concerned Peter's sermon in the house of Cornelius, who was a gentile.And if you look back to the beginning of the chapter, you find that after Cornelius' vision, that Peter had one as well. Peter's vision was a preparation for him to enter the house of a gentile, which was against Jewish Law. But, after the Lord had persuaded him, Peter's heart was changed and he went as commanded.

But of the verses, one in particular stood out to me, verse 34, when Peter began to speak...

"...In truth, I see that God shows no partiality." (NAB-Catholic)

No Partiality, now those are strong words. I believe that the scripture is telling us that 'our' God does not discriminate. He is not a racist or bigot. He cares not what race, creed, nationality, or how big of a sinner you are, He is still open to welcoming you into His Kingdom. All that He ask that we believe in Him, turn to Him, and accept Him as the Lord of our lives. For that is why He sent His Son to earth to live among us. Then with love, He allowed Jesus to be sacrificed on the cross, to shed His 'life giving blood' for the salvation of 'all' mankind. Yes, Jesus died and was buried, but did not stay dead. For it was on the third day, the day we celebrate as Easter, He rose from that grave and is ALIVE FOREVERMORE! But think about it, He didn't just do that, for after forty day, He descend back to the Father in Heaven. There He makes intercession to the Father upon our behalf. And I truly believe He is COMING BACK.

So, in closing, if you do not know Jesus, I ask that you seek Him and accept Him into your life today, for tomorrow may be to late.

Till later, have a wonderful day/evening/night. And, as always, I extend to you my LOVE and best wishes.

Friday, April 3, 2015


Welcome back to another edition of 'Simply Alvin'. I hope each of you are having a wonderful day/evening/night.

In the previous posting, I wrote about the passing of a dear loved one, and its effects up on a person. I also mentioned, then, I had composed another verse, based upon some experiences I faced yesterday (Thursday). Now, when I was composing the verse, I was relying upon personal experience. But, as the words started flowing, in an essence, it is what every person experiences from time to time. We are only human, and certain things will affect each of us in a different way. But, when I was composing, I was already having a bad day.

I shall not go into detail about what transpired, but will say I was dealing with a heavy heart, which we all experience from time to time. Some can easily express how we are feel, while others cannot. We are all different. But, I shall say this, the experience brought me to tears. Something I really did not wish to show in the works setting. But, it happened and helped me to continue through my day.

The above is all I am going to say concerning the verse for this posting. For it is self explanatory.

Tears are but like raindrops,
When it seems things are not just right,
There to help wash away,
Sorrow, pain & grief.

But many times along the path,
That is called life,
We try to hide within ourselves,
How we truly feel within our soul.

Yet, no matter how hard we try,
Try with all our might,
All it takes is one,
Thoughtless, word or deed,
From someone who does not,
Desire to show empathy,
To bring the well-spring of tears,
To flow from
Deep within our souls.


Til later, have a beautiful day/evening/night. And, as always, I extend to you my LOVE and best wishes.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Welcome back to another edition of 'Simply Alvin'. I hope you all have been having a good day/evening/night.

I am aware that it is strange for me to post another blog entry so close to the previous one, which was on Monday. But, I composed a verse (actually two) today, that I felt like I needed to share. I will let you all be aware that I composed this in a note on social media. But as it is, sometimes they get read, other times they don't. So, that is what I like about blogging, it gives me the opportunity to express myself and be able to reach a wider audience.

This morning I woke up around my usual time for work. And, as always, I was feeling fairly tired and wished it wasn't a work day. But, the difference today wasn't just feeling the need for more sleep. No, I was feeling rather stressed and like my mind was in a mental fog. So, as when that happens, after having breakfast, I turned on the computer to check up on news updates and to see if certain friends had posted anything new on social media.

You may be wondering why the stress & mental fog. Well, I guess I had best be honest. Yesterday evening, after returning home from work, I received a message from my sister, M, that our favorite uncle, A, had just been call home to be with the Creator. I really was not shocked, due to the fact that he had been suffering from cancer. The type he was diagnosed with progressed fairly quickly. He had taken some treatments, then decided to forgo them after a time, and allow nature to take its course.

Yes, I am sad, but I am also relieved that he is no longer suffering in an earthly vessel. So, thus, while at the computer this morning thinking about things, I composed the verse, Passing... It, in its own way helped to ease the stress and mental fog I was experiencing at the time. And, yes, I composed another verse during my lunch period as well, which deals with a experience I dealt with at work this morning. So, to keep you all in suspense, I shall not reveal it till my next posting. Which, hopefully, will be Saturday morning.

So now, since I still have a few things to finish before bedtime tonight, I present to you my latest verse.


"The night has passed too quickly,
For with my morning rising,
Sunrise has not yet appeared,
For my day begins as did my night,
Under the darkness of the sky,
And my mind in a mental fog.

For yesterday went by fleeting,
Almost without event,
Till the dreaded message came,
Of a dear loved ones passing,
Which came as no surprise,
For the earthly vessel in which he resided,
was riddled with the dreaded cancer.

Tho I, and family alike,
Shall mourn his passing from this life,
And his memory forever,
Alive within our minds,
Be it known when he went to sleep,
never to awake upon this earth again,
He has awoken to brightness beyond compare,
Cradled in the arms of our Creator,
Just over on the other side,
Where there is Life,
And no more sickness, pain, nor death."

 Til next time, I hope you all have a beautiful day/evening/night. And, as always, I extend to each of you my LOVE and best wishes.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Welcome back to another edition of 'Simply Alvin'. I hope that your day/evening/night is going great.

I was going to post this entry earlier today, but I didn't have time during lunch break today. Then, after getting home after work, my allergies have really been playing a number. Not much congestion, but a slightly scratchy throat. In all honesty, I've notices this coming on all day. Probably is due to me having the windows open during the day over the weekend, even though the allergy count was in the moderate to high category.

So, for one, I really will not say much about the verse below, for it is, more or less, self explanatory. Secondly, bedtime, with a bit of allergy med, may be early tonight.

I composed this verse just before time to go to work this morning, which made it difficult for me blog it then. For I do no like to post, until I've had a change to edit beforehand. I hope you all enjoy.

Oh Monday, you are upon us again,
Especially, when, I dreamed of another day,
Of rest and relaxation. 
Oh, what shall I compare you to?
Shall it be as a child does,
Not wanting to face,
Another day of school? 
Or, shall it be as in my younger days,
When I thought of you,
As the devil in disguise,
Especially, after a weekend of,
Partying and carousing around? 
Yet, tho you be upon us again,
And still at times consider you,
As a four letter curse word,
Tho your count is six,
You are still, just a day,
One out of seven,
In the span of a week. 
Tho it may be hard to understand,
And still your dreaded from time to time,
As I get older with each,
Passing day, week and year,
You are still a part of a whole,
A gift given to me,
A gift that I am still alive,
That my time has not yet lapsed. 
And, yes, tho you can be a dread,
May I not squander you,
But use the time of which you are a part,
To do my work to the best of my ability,
And show Love to my fellow man. 
Adalwin (03/20/2015)

Til next time, have a wonderful day/night/evening. And, as always, I extent to you my LOVE and best wishes.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Darkness to Light...

Welcome back to another edition of 'Simply Alvin'. I hope each of you are having a good day/night/evening.
Today has been a beautiful day in Okeene, USA. I was very thankful for the mild temperatures, due to the power being off for a couple of hours this afternoon. I would not of even known about the situation, had I not read a posting on social media this morning. Crews were slated to change out a transformer at the substation that supplies power to Okeene. I am truly thankful that they were able to get the job done so quickly. 
On another note, over the past couple of weekends, I have been trying to do a bit of 'Spring Cleaning' around my yard and flower bed, in addition to my regular housework. It was during one of those times I noticed that my Easter Lilies were coming up. Then in past few days, I noted that the Cannes were making their appearance as well. That, plus the fact the grass has started to green up, tells me that Spring is truly here.
Yet, despite all the signs of renewal that is seen around me, I am aware that darkness abounds in this old, wicked world. Even here in Okeene, though it is not as visible as in other places, the darkness does exist. You can hardly turn on the news without hearing about the latest shooting, rumor of war, some type of phobia, hate crime, etc., that has occurred someplace in the nation or other part of the world.
Despite all the gloom reported on news, we must remain hopeful. For as the calm follows the storm, we need to be optimistic and believe that BETTER DAYS ARE COMING. 
I composed the following verse just yesterday. I happened to be relaxing in my house, listening to tunes on my Ipod, when the song, Darkness into Light by Matisyahu, began playing. I have had thoughts on my mind lately about composing a verse on current events for several days. But when that song started playing, it got my thought process into motion, and within less than half an hour the verse had been composed. Yes, the verse's wording is different than the song's, yet all was need was a 'feeler', for the creative process to begin. The title was that feeler, and I am thank song was on my Ipod.
Darkness to Light...
Many times along the path of life,
We wonder why there is the
Constant darkness and dreariness of
Storms that we all encounter.
Why all the...
Sickness and pain,
War and famine,
Racism and hate,
Loneliness and despair?
Yet thru all the storms we may face,
They're but a reminder of our humanity.
For as outta the darkness
Comes the light of day,
May we encounter the light,
And with it,
Love and joy,
Hope and Peace,
Encouragement and acceptance,
And come to the realization that,
And our present situation will linger,
For but a season.
ar (03/28/2015)

Til next time, have a wonderful day/evening/night no matter where you reside. As always, I extend to you my LOVE and best wishes.