Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

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Since my last posting, I celebrated the Christmas Holiday with my Church family at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve & my blood family on the actual day.

What made the Holiday gathering with the family was that I was able to see some great-nieces, a great-nephew, & a nephew by marriage for the first time. It was a joy for me, due to the fact, that I hardly ever to get to see some of my nieces, let alone their children, very often. Shucks, it was almost 2 years since I saw C.L.'s oldest son, who is now 4 years of age. I had a feeling he wouldn't remember me, due to the lapse in time. But, that was not the case. When he saw me at the gathering, he knew right away who this bearded guy was.

Yes, Christmas Day 2018, along with the memories it begot, is now in the history books. But for Catholics, The Christmas season last until January 6th, The Epiphany of the Lord. Now I shall not try to explain in length of the Season in this setting, but for those who are not Catholic and would like to find out more information, click Calendarpedia.

Now for New Year's.

For many people, ringing in the new year means partying and consuming lots of alcoholic beverages and hard liquor. Now I'm not knocking those who are able to handle their 'booze', for there was a time when I thought I could do so myself. Those are days that I'd sooner forget, for more times than not I'd make a fool of myself when I got inebriated. Thus, that is part of the reason why I choose to spend my time at home on New Year's Eve. For I find it best for me not to go out partying, even if I do not consume alcohol. There are lots of people out partying, and the highways can be dangerous, especially after Midnight. Thus, I had rather be safe than sorry.

Now, as I did in my 12/24/2018 entry, I am once more putting out a friendly reminder: "The Holidays can be a hard time for a lot of people, especially those who are grieving the loss of a love one or who suffer from mental illness. Be a good Samaritan and check up on family/friends who may be suffering/grieving." Please refer to the December 24th entry for informational links about mental illness.

And, as I did before, here are the crisis hotlines that can be contacted if needed:

Please do not hesitate to call either number, or your local emergency number (usually 911 in the United States) in emergency situations.

So now, as I close this posting, I would like wish each of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with abundant blessings.

Till next time,

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