Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Independence Day...

Hello to my readers. I know it has been a while since I've written a post. Point in hand:...I've not been inspired to do so lately.I only post when I'm inspired to do so.

Ttoday, we in the U.S.A., celebrate our independence of freedom. Freedom from the English Crown. Yet, though we won our war against the British, not everyone is as free as we think we are.

We in America, still suffer from deep routed prejudices, that go back many centuries. Though we say we are free,there are still many who are not treated equally.

Freedom compasses more than emancipation from tyranny. Freedom is treating each and every one our citizens with the respect due them.

Like I said, we are not all free. Free to be who we are. But my prayer is that we learn, as  a nation, to treat each other equally. All men are created equal in the site of our creator. Let us learn from Him, and form a society based upon HIS truths.

We've been through much during our 239 history, and will endure much more. But if we work and treat each other equally, we as a nation shall endure. If not, we shall pass the way of ROME of old. No question about it.

In closing, I shall leave with you a song that was sung by country recording artist, Alan Jackson and the national anthem. Listen and be blessed.

9/11 Tribute

National Anthem

Til later,I extend to each of you my LOVE and best wishes.

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